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Rights Most Consumers Don’t Know They Have

With the free flow of information that is readily available at our fingertips, it is hard to imagine consumers being misled. Unfortunately, this happens every day as debt collectors, businesses, and other agents become more adapt at harassing, bullying, or deceiving the average American. In the spring of 1962, President John F. Kennedy spoke to…
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Some of The Most Deceitful Car Sales Tactics In Maryland

The purchase of a car can be a life-altering decision for many families. For many it offers them the mobility to pursue a new job or an education. Unfortunately, car salesmen know how important car ownership is to the average American and seek to take advantage of that fact. Car salesmen and car dealerships have…
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I love NY but not NY Debt Collectors

Debt collectors frighten and harass thousands of families in the region. In New York, especially, they have built up a reputation of aggressively pursuing individuals who owe money. Many of the tactics used by debt collectors to bully or intimidate their targets are completely illegal. Here are some of the most popular (and illegal) tactics…
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Easy Ways to Make Your Office Wheelchair Accessible

The Americans with Disabilities Act is the bedrock law in place to ensure individuals with physical or mental disabilities are treated equally under the law and by the public. One of the main challenges offices and businesses face is ensuring their space is accessible to wheelchair bound parties. Some of impediments and challenges faced by…
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I Keep Receiving Automated Calls From A Debt Collector, What Can I Do?

I Keep Receiving Automated Calls From A Debt Collector, What Can I Do?Debt doesn’t always happen because people are making irrational decisions with their money. Sometimes loss of job, major illness of yourself or a loved one and even drastic emergencies can suddenly place you in the inopportune position of accruing more debt than you…
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Debt Collectors Are Trying To Scare Me Into Paying More Than I Owe.

When you’ve neglected to pay a debt to your original creditor, it often gets sold to a debt buyer. These companies tend to use scare tactics in order to make you pay up, and one of the techniques they use is to shock you with a much higher amount due than you expected. Unfortunately, sometimes…
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When Can I Sue A Debt Collector?

The Drama of Debt Falling behind when it comes to paying off debt is no laughing matter and can often lead to complicated, inconvenient and extremely bothersome situations, including calls from debt collectors. While it is within a debt collector’s right to attempt to contact you and collect a debt, it’s important to realize there…
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I Paid My Credit Card Bill But I Am Still Being Charged And Harassed By Them.

Credit card debt can be overwhelming and is often due not to financial negligence or irresponsibility, but due to unexpected, emergency situations such as medical bills or the loss of a job. Either way, the mountain of accumulated debt can be unbearable at times, causing sleepless nights, terrible moments of worry, and even depression. As…
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The Wrong Car Was Repo’d, What Can I Do?

Falling behind on your automobile payments can cause serious stress in one’s life. As if the tension that mounts with every missed payment isn’t enough, the thought of having your car repossessed is a burden in and of itself. The idea that you might wake up one day only to find your car has been…
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I’m Being Sued By My Debt Collectors. What Are My Options?

It’s bad enough having debt collectors calling your house at the most frustrating times, but once that crosses over to you being sued by the debt collectors, you need to have the help of a professional and experienced attorney to make it through this terrifying time. Here are some tips to help get you through…
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