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Receiving a collection letter or a phone call demanding payment for an old debt you allegedly owe, or receiving notification of a lawsuit against you for such a debt, can be an extremely unnerving and intimidating experience. Before you do anything, speak to an experienced consumer protection lawyer who can help you understand your rights and explain your legal options. At The Law Offices of E. David Hoskins, LLC, we provide strong representation to people who are being sued by debt collectors or debt buyers.

In some cases, the information that debt collectors and debt buyers use to initiate lawsuits is insufficient to prove that you still owe the debt at all. In addition, some of the practices they use can be construed as a violation of your rights under state or federal law. Do not wait to seek the advice of an experienced Baltimore attorney. Fighting debt collectors or debt buyers while protecting your interests is much less daunting with capable legal counsel on your side.

Understanding How Many Debt Collection Lawsuits Originate

When a company is owed a debt, it will keep it on the books for a predetermined period of time. If the company is unable to collect the debt, it may be sold to a debt buyer to get it off the books. There are some instances where the debt buyer receives nothing more than a debtor’s name, account number, amount owed and last known address. Undeterred, many debt purchasing companies will move forward with a lawsuit with no additional data.

The law is clear with regard to the documentation required to support a lawsuit seeking collection of a debt, including affidavits signed by witnesses with personal knowledge and accompanied by adequate supporting documents or statements. Debt buyers frequently lack the documentation to prove the terms and conditions of the original agreement or the ability to show that they even have the legal right to seek payment from the debtor.

Discuss Your Case With a Maryland Debt Buyer Lawsuit Attorney

When you hire our firm, we conduct a complete review of all documentation associated with the lawsuit you are facing. If it can be shown that illegal practices were used in the course of attempting to collect your debt, we can help you take the necessary steps to stop the lawsuit and possibly seek monetary damages on your behalf. We have helped clients file lawsuits against such debt buying companies as Midland Funding, Asset Acceptance and many others.

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